The Experience

From start to finish and beyond, a haircut at Snip-its truly is an adventure

The adventure begins as kids enter the salon, stepping into a magical, engaging, cartoon world characterized by floor to ceiling multicolored murals and splashy vibrant colors.

Lights, Music, Adventure

Upon check-in, kids receive their Snip-its Adventure Club card, then meet and interact with Snips and The Gang: Flyer Joe Dryer, Curly Comb, Maranga Mirror, Jean Luc le Spritz, and Marlene & Charlene, the Clip-ette Sisters, in the Snip-its Animated Show.  Kids are welcome to sing along with the Snip-its Gang as they entertain with their own theme songs and adventures.

Ready, Snip, Play

At the styling station, with Mom or Dad close at hand, the Snip-its specially-trained stylists work their Snip-its Magic while the kids keep busily entertained on the Snip-its Adventure Play Stations, featuring custom computer games and activities with Snips and The Gang. Each styling station is custom-designed for maximum safety and comfort, including a safety strap for toddlers, a parent chair for mom or dad, and plenty of room to move around.


Upon completion of the haircut, kids trade in their Adventure Club card, along with a lock of their freshly trimmed hair, for a special prize at the Snip-its Magic Box. Abracadabra – that’s the show!