Having Lice Isn’t Nice

September 12, 2022

It’s September and lice prevention month. Classrooms are full – or overflowing – once again. Kids share things. All the things. Hats, scarves, masks, school supplies, headbands, toys…and germs. Lice like that. They are fast crawlers and love a clean, freshly washed head of hair. Yes, you heard us right: LICE PREFER CLEAN HAIR OVER … Continue reading Having Lice Isn’t Nice

Winter Hair Rescue

January 15, 2018

Winter brings with it cooler weather, less sunlight, snow and that dry winter air. It also blows in with a number of flyaways, static electricity and some brittle, bad hair days for your kiddos. What causes dry winter hair damage? Damaging UV rays from the sun are closer to the earth right now; the cold … Continue reading Winter Hair Rescue