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St. Patrick’s Day Family Traditions

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Start a family tradition this year to celebrate this lucky, green-filled holiday with your kiddos. QUICK & EASY Wear Green It’s so simple, but still a fun routine to uphold for the whole family. Extra points for adding themed socks, which is a long-standing tradition in our family. … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Family Traditions

Top 10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If it snuck up on you, don’t worry—you are not alone. Luckily, kiddos love seeing your creativity. They also love joining in and showing you their creativity. Our top 10 list of awesome Valentine’s Day tips may be just the thing to spark your family’s imagination and get … Continue reading Top 10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Kids

Family-friendly Outdoor Winter Activities

Snip-its Winter Outdoor Activities

The Winter Olympics are here! Outdoor activities are definitely in the lime light this month. We say, why not join in the fun! Here’s a list of fun family-time ideas you can all do together. MAKE SNOW ANGELS What little one doesn’t want to bundle up and flop themselves down in the snow, waving their … Continue reading Family-friendly Outdoor Winter Activities

2018 Kids’ Hair Trends

2018 Snip-its Kids' Hair Trends

2018 hair trends are all about originality, innovation and creativity. Because every kiddo who walks under our character arch for a Haircut Adventure is a unique individual—the only one of their kind. This year’s trends highlight and expand upon that distinctiveness and singularity, using imagination and lots of style to create the following haircuts and … Continue reading 2018 Kids’ Hair Trends

Winter Hair Rescue

Snip-its Winter Hair Rescue Tips

Winter brings with it cooler weather, less sunlight, snow and that dry winter air. It also blows in with a number of flyaways, static electricity and some brittle, bad hair days for your kiddos. What causes dry winter hair damage? Damaging UV rays from the sun are closer to the earth right now; the cold … Continue reading Winter Hair Rescue

Snip-its and My Little Pony: The Movie Sweepstakes

Snip-its and My Little Pony: The Movie Sweepstakes

*****CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES***** It’s fun in here! Visit Snip-its and our Kids’ Hair Experts for a fun-filled, entertaining family adventure. We strive to make each visit, for each kiddo a magical experience every time they step through the doors and under the arch! THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP This January we’re partnering with … Continue reading Snip-its and My Little Pony: The Movie Sweepstakes

Best Children’s Books of 2017

Snip-its Children's Books 2017

We’re ending the year with our list of 21 favorite Children’s books of 2017. If your kiddo’s love to read—or your little ones are bored and looking for something to do during this cold snap—then look no further. Head to your local library and start reading as a family during this long, holiday weekend. PICTURE … Continue reading Best Children’s Books of 2017

Family Game Night

Snip-its Family Game Night

Are you trying to think of something fun to do this holiday weekend…or any weekend? How about some family fun-time with family game night! We’ve created a list of popular, family-friendly board and video games from 2017—as well as a few classic favorites and some crafty, DYI games using items around the house. There’s definitely … Continue reading Family Game Night

Holiday Styles and Winter Kiddo Hair Trends

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Playing off our kids’ winter hair trends, we searched our social media sites for picture perfect holiday styles this season. Our Kids’ Hair Experts and your social media shares did not disappoint! Here’s a list of wonderful holiday styles for both boys and girls. We’ve shared a Snip-its hair care product for each look, so … Continue reading Holiday Styles and Winter Kiddo Hair Trends

Fun Family Photos

Snip-its Fun Family Photo Tips

Are you stressing about this year’s holiday family photo? Wrangling kiddos and spouses into a “natural”, happy photo op with perfect smiles, outfits and hair is almost always an unrealistic goal. Make it less daunting with a little prep and these quick tips—along with some of our favorite pictures from Pinterest.  Learn how to get … Continue reading Fun Family Photos