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Best Children’s Books of 2017

Snip-its Children's Books 2017

We’re ending the year with our list of 21 favorite Children’s books of 2017. If your kiddo’s love to read—or your little ones are bored and looking for something to do during this cold snap—then look no further. Head to your local library and start reading as a family during this long, holiday weekend. PICTURE … Continue reading Best Children’s Books of 2017

Family Game Night

Snip-its Family Game Night

Are you trying to think of something fun to do this holiday weekend…or any weekend? How about some family fun-time with family game night! We’ve created a list of popular, family-friendly board and video games from 2017—as well as a few classic favorites and some crafty, DYI games using items around the house. There’s definitely … Continue reading Family Game Night

Holiday Styles and Winter Kiddo Hair Trends

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Playing off our kids’ winter hair trends, we searched our social media sites for picture perfect holiday styles this season. Our Kids’ Hair Experts and your social media shares did not disappoint! Here’s a list of wonderful holiday styles for both boys and girls. We’ve shared a Snip-its hair care product for each look, so … Continue reading Holiday Styles and Winter Kiddo Hair Trends

Fun Family Photos

Snip-its Fun Family Photo Tips

Are you stressing about this year’s holiday family photo? Wrangling kiddos and spouses into a “natural”, happy photo op with perfect smiles, outfits and hair is almost always an unrealistic goal. Make it less daunting with a little prep and these quick tips—along with some of our favorite pictures from Pinterest.  Learn how to get … Continue reading Fun Family Photos

Holiday Gift Guide

Haircut Adventures, Magic Box prizes, ha-ha-happy haircuts and…the perfect place for your 2017 holiday gifts.

Haircut Adventures, Magic Box prizes, ha-ha-happy haircuts and…the perfect place for your 2017 holiday gifts. It’s fun in here—especially when you’re checking those gifts off of your list! SNIP-ITS GIFT CERTIFICATES Give the gift of style! At Snip-its, We Speak Kid™ so everything in our salon is designed to make kids feel special and have … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide

Tailgating with Kiddos

Snip-its Tailgating with Kiddos

Along with fall comes cooler weather, Thanksgiving and football. Tailgating is definitely a fall favorite and the perfect way to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend! We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to turn your next tailgate party into a kid-friendly event the entire family can enjoy. Are you ready to tailgate family-fun style? Here’s 6 tips … Continue reading Tailgating with Kiddos

Kids’ Winter Hair and Fashion Trends

Snip-its Kids' Winter Trends

The weather is turning colder and kids’ winter fashion trends are getting warmer as a result. Kids’ winter hair trends continue to follow the path they’ve taken over the year, but the drier, hat-heavy weather calls for more moisture this winter. Look no further than our Kids’ Hair Experts to make your tiny tots’ finished … Continue reading Kids’ Winter Hair and Fashion Trends

Hair Scare

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its

Why not take this spooky time of year to talk about Tonsurephobia, the fear of getting a haircut? Although some adults have this very real phobia, it’s mostly our kiddos who suffer—and eventual grow out of—this hair scare. Let’s face it: Children’s haircuts can be a strongly emotional experience for everyone involved—even when you, the … Continue reading Hair Scare

Halloween Costume Hair

Snip-its Halloween costume hair ideas

69% of the population in the US are planning to don a Halloween costume in 2017. Between trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating, school Halloween parties and an assortment of festivals and outings—your kiddos are probably on that list. The most popular costume—beating out the princesses for a second year in a row—has more than 3.7 million children planning … Continue reading Halloween Costume Hair

Healthy School Lunch Ideas – Kid Approved

Snip-its kid approved lunch ideas

There are 180 school days in an average school year – that’s a lot of school lunches! Now that school is in session, it’s time for smart parents to think about healthy lunch options for your little ones that won’t break the bank or bore your kiddos to new, non-eating heights. MAKE IT FUN AND … Continue reading Healthy School Lunch Ideas – Kid Approved