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Packing a Family Picnic

A family enjoying a picnic outside on a blanket with a variety of food.

With summer and the upcoming holiday comes one or our favorite things: The Family Picnic. If you are dreading the complications and routine disturbances that can arise from an outdoor gathering, read on for some amazing tips on the ideal summer family get together and turn your dread into less-stressed anticipation and joy. What to … Continue reading Packing a Family Picnic

Daddy Parenting Hacks

  Just in time for Father’s Day, check out some of our favorite Pinterest inspired parenting hacks for clever and frugal parenting tips. We’re celebrating dad and parenthood fun! FOOD HACKS Use coffee filters as snack bowls.   Use an empty baby wipes container to store travel snacks for your kids.   Make eating healthy … Continue reading Daddy Parenting Hacks

Summer Hair & Fashion Trends

A collage of boys and girls summer hair trends.

Schools out and summer is here; it’s one of our favorite times of year! Summer hair and fashion trends for kids are all about long days filled with sunshine, fun and a lot of movement. Take a look at our top picks and kids summer fashion ideas. Girls Summer Trends Girls are keeping cool this … Continue reading Summer Hair & Fashion Trends

Schools Out: Summer Activities to Keep Kids Active

A young girl playing outside in a fort made of floral bedding sheets.

We love summer and know searching for family and kid-friendly ideas can be difficult. Here’s an awesome list of indoor and outdoor crafts, activities and games to keep your creative kiddos active and entertained all summer long. Amusing Indoor Antics—Little ones can’t be outside all of the time; here are some ideas to ward of … Continue reading Schools Out: Summer Activities to Keep Kids Active

DIY Daily Routine Charts for Kids

A young girl washing her hands in the kitchen sink.

Most kiddos need structure in their day—they thrive on it. An awful lot is changing in your little one’s world and it can be overwhelming: they are learning, developing, exploring and playing all of the time. Building consistency in the day helps your tiny tot gain confidence, explore the world without worry and develop comfort … Continue reading DIY Daily Routine Charts for Kids

Mommy & Me Spa Day

A girl and her mom enjoying a spa day in matching robes while laying in bed with cucumbers over their eyes.

Spring is the perfect time for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day to help revitalize your body and mind. It’s also the perfect one-on-one mother/daughter bonding time. At-Home An at-home day of soothing spa fun is much cheaper than going to a day spa or on a spa retreat. You and your kiddo can do … Continue reading Mommy & Me Spa Day

How to: Pompadour with Hard Line Part

Two boys showing off their Pompadour haircuts from Snip-its.

We asked our Kids’ Hair Experts what some of their favorite styles and current kids’ trend cuts are. Melissa from Hudson, OH responded with the perfect summer boys look just in time for end of school celebrations to begin. POMPADOUR WITH THE PART CUT IN: We love the way it looks! Dapper little dudes are … Continue reading How to: Pompadour with Hard Line Part

We Speak Kid—Mom Does It Better

The profile of a young girl with pig tails blowing kisses to red hearts in the air.

Here at Snip-its, we speak kid—we like to think we’re experts at it. For Mother’s Day we’ve compiled a list as our gift to you. This list is for each and every mom out there who’s looked at their child with puzzlement, amusement and probably some suppressed—or not so suppressed—laughter. You are the true expert … Continue reading We Speak Kid—Mom Does It Better

Reuse, Upcycle and Conserve as a Family

A person with a beautiful eagle's eye view of the mountains and sky.

Earth Day is Friday, April 22, but your family can celebrate Earth Day every day with these 10 easy tips. Connecting to the Earth and nature will start your kiddos on the path to lifelong conservation and an earth-friendly attitude. We have to start somewhere—why not these 10 simple ideas. Tip #1 Reduce – make … Continue reading Reuse, Upcycle and Conserve as a Family

Kid-friendly Gardening: Indoor and Outdoor Garden Ideas

A young boy and girl watching their mom plant in a garden outside.

Why not start a garden with your kiddos this spring? It’s a fun family activity and your little ones will get to play in the dirt…on purpose! Garden Benefits Family fun! Sensory activity for little ones who may need calming activities because of autism or sensory processing disorder. Teaching and learning tool: patience, observation, cycle … Continue reading Kid-friendly Gardening: Indoor and Outdoor Garden Ideas